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Client Endorsements

"if you need pet care for your fur babies. Beth is your girl. Ive trusted her with Coco & Chloe, went on vaca and did not hv one concern. Several daily updates, pics and tons of re-assurance. For those who know know i have high maintenance, spoiled dogs. Beth delivered, cooked chicken for dinner, gave meds, took coco to the groomers, scheduled documented walks and live in!! Go on vacation and put your mind at ease. She is one of us! Beth Oliveri loves Coco & Chloe like i do, like Rene did. She has done live in’s for up to 5 dogs at a time. a beautiful lady in and out."

Bonny Seiling

"So homebound tomorrow.. i didn't post pics yesterday because we had a lil problem with Coco.  All is good after my amazing dog-sitter got her into the vet asap. Thank-you Beth Oliveri you are heaven sent. The communication, attention to detail, hundreds of pictures, daily reports & most importantly your keen sense awareness and intuition. Beth is my kindred spirit. And thank-you Kim Parkhill from McBride and Kelly Farrell Symes for giving Coco your loving touch. Coco is 14 years old ( ironic #  i know) on the deaf side and cataracts are a bit of a challenge to her. but that Coco has a huge heart. And she still loves daily walks and playing fetch. She loves hard. And chloe is holding her own ( at 10) dealing with the new heart meds.  Im foregoing pictures of the vatican except for the stairs (they were so cool) and including pictures of my 8 paws a very small sample of the daily collages Beth would send nite all. Be safe, be kind ,be generous & be loving"

Bonny Seiling

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