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Additional Surcharges:

*Holiday Surcharges:

We work the following nine (9) Holidays with a $15.00 surcharge for the following holidays:


New Year’s Day                      (01/01/23)

Easter                                     (04/09/23)

Memorial Day                        (05/29/23)

Independence Day               (07/04/23)

Labor Day                              (09/24/23)

Thanksgiving                         (11/23/23)

Christmas Eve                       (12/24/23)

Christmas Day                       (12/25/23)

New Year’s Eve                      (12/31/23)



*Emergency Visit Surcharge:

If you require Cachet’s services on an Emergent basis, with less than two (2) hours notice to Cachet, then we will do the best we can to assist you by working your visit into our schedule.


There will be an added $10.00 surcharge.


*Additional Pets Surcharge:

There is an additional $5.00 per visit surcharge if you own 5 + pets which you wish Cachet to care for. 

100% of these surcharges will be paid to your pet-sitter. 

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