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Live-In Pet-Sitting In Your Home

Your pet's care is "Customized" to your particular specifications...

  • 24 hr
  • Call For Pricing
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

IT IS ALWAYS AS YOU WISH... Over a twenty-four (24) hour period of time you are guaranteed at least fifteen (15) hours of undivided pet care. This includes sleeping overnight in your home to watch over your pet(s). Live-in care has the added advantage of allowing your pet(s) to stay in the comfort of their own home where they can relax and maintain their routine. Dog(s): Can include dog walking, potty breaks, feeding, water refreshing, treat(s), cuddles, companionship and any necessary medication(s). Cat(s): Includes scooping litter boxes, feeding, water refresh, treat(s) and cuddles. Birds, fish and other small animals can be cared for per your specifications. *Upon request, mail and or garbage cans can be brought into your home/garage. **Photo(s) of your pet(s), as well as a brief report, are sent to you after each and every visit.

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